Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Man with Bogart's Face - cast list

In order of Appearance

Announcer – Scott Anderson
Dr. Inman – Joyce Butler
Spencer Drue/Sam Marlow – Adam Philpott
Duchess – Robbie Elliott
Mother – Todd Womack
Elsa Borsht – Debbie Barnes
Buster – Todd Womack
Nero’s Uncle – Phil Brown
Horst Borsht – Steve Vera
Able (a reporter) – Phil Brown
Baker (a reporter) – Marshall Prettyman
Charlene (a reporter) – Joyce Butler
Lt. Marion Bumbera – Jim Olmstead
Sgt. Horace Hacksaw – Phil Brown
Gena Anastas – Alissa Gaithe
Petey Cane – Scott Anderson
Jock – Marshall Prettyman
Commodore Alexander Anastas – Marshall Prettyman
Mr. Zebra – Todd Womack
Nicky Karamavrakinopoulos – Steve Vera
Cynthia Ashley – Amy Hardin
Mustafa Hakim – Steve Vera
Wolf Zinderneuf – Scott Anderson

Sound Effects:  Phil Brown, Joyce Butler, Eden Miller

We'd like to thank all who auditioned.

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